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Why we build the game 

“Plastic Warrior” was conceived and developed specifically for the Global Gamers Challenge, a contest that embodies our shared values of innovation, environmental sustainability, and the transformative power of gaming. This challenge presented us with a unique opportunity to contribute to a cause close to our hearts: combating the global crisis of plastic pollution through the engaging medium of video games.

The contest’s focus on sustainability and its encouragement of using games as a platform for positive environmental action inspired us to harness our creative and technical skills. Our goal was to create a game that not only meets the criteria of the Global Gamers Challenge but also raises awareness about environmental issues, educates players on the importance of sustainability, and motivates them to take action in their daily lives.

How we built it

Utilizing Google Flutter and Dart, with Package Flame and bonfire, we crafted “Plastic Warrior” for its cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a seamless gaming experience on any device. The game’s vibrant pixel art, created with AI tools due to our lack of a dedicated designer, brings to life the rich environments and characters. Integration with Google Wallet allows us to reward players with flashcards packed with recycling tips, bridging in-game achievements with practical environmental actions.

The Flutter Game Development Resources

I list down the many Flutter Game Development Resources I got from online , especially youtube.

1. Official Flutter Resources

3rd-party Youtube resource

I will list down the YouTube videos I watched before:

Craig Oda
A father living in Silicon Valley. His tutorials include platformer, RPG, and novel-style games.

Trey Codes
A software developer who focuses on Flutter development.

Content in Chinese language. This developer used Flutter to recreate Contra, and all his tutorials provide source code on GitHub. He also provides Godot game tutorials.

Concept Design

We design many artworks with chatgpt, DALL·E 2 & Midjourney

Background Music

Battle of Skull Island by Alexander Nakarada – CreatorChords

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